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How I shot this Photo

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Many asked me how I did shot this indoor and what was my setting, focus mode, shutter speed...etc

Camera Setting and Lighting

As start, I am using the magnificent Nikon Z7 II coupled with Nikon Z 80mm/1.8 Lens. I start learn very fast how to use the high dynamic range that the camera produce and put the D Light Setting at "High". Camera Setting was as following:

- SS: 200

- f: 5

- ISO: 100 !!!

- Focus Mode: Manual !!!

- Lighting: 1 x On Camera Flash Godox V1 + (1x Godox AD100, 1 x Godox AD200pro). I put each of them on a corner with an angle towered the dancing floor.

Why using Manual focus?

Although the Z 7 II has excellent focusing on low light, but on such cases, like during Wedding Dancing, where every body move fast, I just don't want to wait fo the camera to focus even within a 1/2 sec period, definitely I will miss to catch the right moment, the decisive moment. So I use Zone Focusing Technique and by the help of Focus Peaking the camera can provide, I set my focusing so that every thing between 7ft-30ft will be in focus.. In this case you just start hunting the right moment to "Click"

This is how I took this Shot and Why I use Manual Focusing


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